Marriages which can be entered into at Norwegian service that is foreign abroad are carried out relative to Norwegian legislation.

You can enter into the marriage under either foreign or Norwegian law if you intend to get married abroad.

Before you can get hitched under either Norwegian or international legislation, the Norwegian Tax management must always check whether you and/or your better half meet with the conditions for stepping into wedding if an individual or the two of you either are or are resident in Norway.

Under Norwegian legislation

Marriages which can be entered into at Norwegian service that is foreign abroad are carried out according to Norwegian legislation. Exactly the same mainly is applicable to marriages carried out at Sjomannskirken – Norwegian Church Abroad.

In the event that you were marrying a foreign citizen if you intend to get married at a Norwegian embassy or at Sjomannskirken – Norwegian Church Abroad, you must follow the same procedure as when two Norwegian citizens marry or as. Nonetheless, the necessity for residence in Norway does not connect with the one who is not resident in Norway.

In the event that you fulfil the conditions for stepping into wedding, you are going to get a “certificate of no impediment to come into wedding” within the post.

Make sure to take your passport additionally the certification that displays which you fulfil the conditions for stepping into wedding. Both the international solution mission and Sjomannskirken – Norwegian Church Abroad will generally have the certification ahead of time.

Make contact ahead of when you travel to be able to make clear the necessary formalities. You will find additional information on engaged and getting married abroad in the web sites regarding the various offices/Sjomannskirken – Norwegian Church overseas.

Under foreign legislation

You must check with the authorities in the country concerned what documentation they will require if you intend to get married according to foreign law. On top of other things, you must check which language they will certainly need the wedding certification to stay, and whether it should have a stamp that is apostille the County Governor or be legalised (stamped by the Norwegian Ministry of international Affairs).

In the event that nation you want to get hitched in takes a certification saying you can easily get into wedding abroad (marriage certification) from Norway, the individual or people that are or were resident in Norway must stick to the exact same procedure as whenever two Norwegian citizens marry.

If an individual of you have not been resident in Norway, you need to connect a document saying this man or woman’s full name, date of delivery, host to citizenship and birth. Fill out the given information into the kind, print it away and deliver it aided by the application papers through the one who is or was resident in Norway:

  • Private declarations
  • Declaration by the sponsor – should be finished by one sponsor (“forlover”)/witness
  • Declaration concerning division (in Norwegian only) – if a person of you happens to be hitched prior to. Whether or not it’s not as much as couple of years because the divorce proceedings was awarded, it is possible to connect with the County Governor for exemption from unit if probably the most present target you shared was not in Norway. You’ll install the applying form from If it is a lot more than 2 yrs considering that the breakup, you need to use the individual statement in Part III.

Send the applying papers to your taxation workplace. It will typically just simply just take five to six days to process the applying.

In the event that you fulfil the conditions for stepping into wedding, you are going to get your wedding certification within the post. We could issue wedding certificates within the after languages: Norwegian, English, German, Spanish, French or Italian. You need to state your language that is preferred and nation where you plan to get hitched.

How do you get my wedding recognised in Norway?

So that you index can get wedding recognised in Norway, you need to provide your initial wedding certification to the income tax workplace. Nevertheless, you will find wide variants with what comprises legitimate paperwork whenever engaged and getting married abroad:

Wedding joined into within the countries that are nordic

You need to provide the marriage certificate that is original.

Wedding joined into inside:

  • Africa: Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Sauthern-Sudan, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, the Republic that is democratic of, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.
  • Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Asia, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Vietnam and Yemen.
  • European Countries: Kosovo

Certificates from the countries don’t have a lot of or no credibility since they’re frequently forged. Exceptions might be made in the event that Directorate of Immigration (UDI) accepts that the wedding happens to be entered into associated with a grouped family members reunion. The exact same will use in cases where a Norwegian international solution objective has certified the wedding.

Wedding joined into far away:

The certificates ought to be the original examples and endorsed by having an apostille or legalised by the country’s foreign ministry. Certificates which have been authorized with a Norwegian international solution objective will additionally be accepted.

Translation might be required in the event that certification is certainly not in English, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. In the event that certificates are translated, please submit both the initial additionally the interpretation. The translation must also have an apostille or be legalised by the country’s foreign ministry if the certificates are translated in another country with the exception of the Nordic countries.