The story begins with a woman and a dream. Shirley Kautman-Jones was working at the bank full-time and her co-workers needed some help impressing the men in their life. Shirley, being a natural in the kitchen, would send them home with little baggies of spices and easy recipes to follow. Her creations were an instant success and she realized it was time to expand outside her comfort zone of co-workers at the bank. She decided to start taking her savings and driving down to the market in Detroit, MI to price out different spices for her combinations. Her next idea was to sell her baggies of spices at a craft bazaar at the Church. She labeled each baggie 75-cents each and set up her table with samples of her creations. To her surprise, she sold all 100 baggies out right. Shirley knew she was on to something, and that people were craving delicious dishes without a lot of hassle. She took her profits back down to that market in Detroit and the process began.

CHC prides itself on simplifying gourmet. The company uses premium quality ingredients and offers hundreds of versatile recipes in more than one cookbooklet and on the company’s website.